Friday, February 29, 2008

diabetes-onion and garlic

I got to admit to you, I am scared of this disease. My grandmother has it. When I was younger I used to drink a lot of soda

Do you have onion and garlic in your house?

As my readers know that garlic helps with arthritis, but it also helps with Diabetes.Onion and garlic helps lower the blood sugar. I do have good news for you, you do not have take eat a whole onion or ginger to get the benefit, of course research has find out the more you take the greater the benefit but you could just take a little bit and it would help some. The people in Asia, Middle East and few other places use it

Friday, February 15, 2008

pineapple and arthritis

For sometime now athletic trainers have been recomending pineapples to athletes to prevent and treat sport injuries. The main reason is because bromelain (a chemical in pineapple) helps reduce inflammation. Bromelain can help the body get of immune antigen complex, coupounds that are in some arthritic conditions. It also breaks down fibrin (a protein sugar complex that responsible for blood clotting)

Saturday, February 9, 2008

The symptoms of arthritis

Here is the common symptoms of arthritis. This does not mean you have it. If one of the symptoms are involved in could mean other things such as getting older. For example my legs get stiff all the time but I do not have arthritis in it, but I do have arthritis in my shoulder.

The symptoms of arthritis are:

Joint pain: use ice and heat

Joint stiffness: It is one thing of getting older and your joints stiffen up. You want to start stretching as much as you can. Stretch from all angles. From forward to backward and left to right.

Tenderness around the joint.

Limited range of motion: The worse thing you can do is "baby" it. Stretch your body part. The main thing is move it, but do not move it where you feel absolute pain.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Ginger and arthritis

Stop do not take that drug use this herb. Ginger is very effective anti-inflammatory. On one study I have read that Indian researchers gave 3 to 7 grams of ginger to people with osteoarthritis and the other group was rheumatoid arthritis and more than 75% reported relief. Even after 2 years of taking this much nobody reported side effects.
In another study according to the BBC news (,Rheumatologist professor Ray Altman
, who who was in charge of the study tested the ginger on 250 people (which is a small number) each was suffering from moderate to severe pain was given 255 milligram twice a day for 6 weeks and two-thirds reported pain relief